Because there are many factors in calculating pricing, it should be noted that this is a guide only - pricing can depend on timing required, public holidays, distance travelled, load carried, short notice etc. These prices below may change at any time. But we can assure you we will do our utmost to help you, and keep pricing to the minimum possible - always.

Here is a sample of some of our pricing:

Taxi trucks - truck with driver - from $70 per hour,
Removals - truck with 2 men - from $95 per hour,
Hire 2 - ton pantech truck with ramp - $120 per day (includes ERF),
Hire 3 - ton pantech truck with tail-lift - $150 per day (includes ERF),
Hire trailer 7' X 4' with cage - $50 1st day, $30 2nd day, and $15 per day thereafter,
Hire truck drivers - from $35 per hour, Removalists from $30 per hour
Storage pricing based on amount of goods & size. Space rental depends on size & use.
Our customers do pay for tolls, parking fees, parking fines and travelling time. Deposits and fuel used are payable on all hire items.Please ask us about these.

Packing cartons:

New - Small $3.50, Medium $4.50, Large $5.50
Recycled/used - Small $2,Medium $2.50, Large $4
Packing Tape: 75m X 48mm roll - clear $4
Delivery of cartons & tape: usually $20 - $40 depending on distance.

For bookings, help or sensible advice, please ring Pixie on 02-9519-8288, or Click here to request a call-back, or pricing or a free quote.